UFC Live: Fight fan is feeling festive as the UFC main event on this Saturday is full of rivalry. That’s what we will see on Saturday night in Los Angeles at UFC 227 when TJ Dillashaw defends his belt against former champion Cody Garbandt.

His former teammates made a bad move in the first match in which Gerbandet seemed close to the round of 16 at the end of the first round, before falling in the second half. Garbrandt says he was not a 100% center for the first fight and contributed to his performance in New York.

Now, there can be no excuse for him to be one of the few fighters to be replayed instantly after their first participation. In addition, Demetrius Johnson is looking to expand his winning streak and record the title as he reorganizes Olympic gold medalist Henri Cejudo.

With a big map on the tap, our experts have chosen each of the main card battles. Beck: here are makers Brian Campbell (mathematic fight writer), Matthew Coca (Producer), Michael Mormile, Jack Jorgensen and Brandon Wise.

If it’s possible to wait for a 50/50 battle on paper than under the assumption that one’s emotional behavior, it may be easier to guess that Garbrandt may be too strong for Dillashaw if entered into battle with the same balanced and patient behavior and calculated when used to disarm the weapon Dominique Cruz Title breast weight.

But it seems that Dalacho, in addition to being one of the best book fighters in the game, enjoy with a mind of his hot Garbrant opponent, which is enough to bring out the more carefree version of it by the war and a mental. Fast style Delasho is arguably more dynamic and dynamic than Garbandt, which increases the decision-making potential of five defending champions, especially if he can support and pursue Garperant.

I think this tumult. At UFC 217, Garbrandt was the closest to finishing Dillashaw in the first round when the opponent was saved by the bell. You may have gained confidence after this defeat, but I think Garbrandt will be the best striker of this game. Garbrandt will take a very similar game plan in this battle he opposed to Dominick Cruz and looks forward to staying patient and choosing his positions. We could have another explosive result as we saw in the MSG, but I think Garbrandt gets a winning decision and evaluates a triple battle.

Even though it happened more than two years ago, Johnson’s first victory over Cejudo was very dominant, but I can not give it the benefit of the doubt this time. I firmly believe that this battle was simply to pass the time that they can not get the ultra-Dillashaw Mighty Mouse design, which means that Johnson will get another easy-to-end in this center on Cejudo. Then he returns to Dillashaw to make his turn in the main event.

The gap between the Mighty Mouse and the rest of the fly section over the last six years has been difficult. It can be said that he is the tallest and most intelligent fighter to put his foot in the cage. But from time to time, the heroes neglect the opponent.

We’ve been flooding talk of doing some sort of skills with the winner in Dillashaw-Garbrandt Johnson over the past few months, and he only needs one punch to catch someone slipping. Cejudo has come a long way in two years since losing to Johnson. If there is time to catch who thinks so much better for books, now is the time.