Kovalev vs Alvarez

Kovalev vs Alvarez Live:  Sergei Kovalev defended his title against Elijah Alvarez on Saturday, august 4 at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City. Despite the perfect career of Alvarez, he is not very tough opponent.

Sergey Kovalev  has achieved one of the few things in each boxing, a second chance. About a year ago, André Ward beat him and gave him his second defeat. Today, he ranks first in the light heavyweight standings and focuses on a series of consecutive wins.

He has come out of the last two of his opponents, but can he stop beating the knight on Sunday August 4th (HBO, 10 pm)?

Kovalev in the coup de grace. He has 28 KO to his score and has 80% KO. After losing to Ward for the second time, he returned to the ring five months later to stop Vyacheslav Shabanski in two rounds.

In his last fight, Kovalev Igor Mikhalkin stopped in the seventh round.

Schbernski and Mikhalkin were not excellent rivals, but Alvarez (23-0, 11 KO’s) was a legitimate threat. He is a seasoned professional who has never lost his fight. His record is sterling, but his odds are 4-1. Alvarez is one of the most vulnerable despite his record of cleanliness.

There is a reason for this.

Kovalev looked good in his first fight against Ward. People forget that Kovalev dropped Ward in the second round of their first meeting. Ward released him in the second half of the match won a controversial decision unanimously.

Kovalev’s loss to Ward was a wake up call for Kovalev and he is now on a mission to become an undisputed lightweight champion before retiring.

Omar Kovalev is a worker and not against Alvarez. He’s 35, an old boxer, but Alvarez is not a spring chicken himself. 34 years old

Thanks to the numbers, Alvarez has little experience. The two men became professionals in 2009, but Alvarez besieged another 11 Kovalev towers, which is a shame. While Alvarez has an advantage over Knitted Tours, Kovalev has fought 12 other Alvarez professional fights.

This anomaly is due to Kovalev’s ability to defeat his opponents.

Kovalev has 28 KOs compared to Varez 11. Alvarez is not a knockout. He’s a boxer

The main reason is that Alvarez is four, one of the most vulnerable being at the level of his opposition. Alvarez passed Isaac Chilamba, Jean Pascal and Lucien Bot. This resume is full, but there must be an asterisk next to these names.

Alvarez shouted by Chilemba and Pascal with majority decisions. His victories against them were not decisive. Kovalev took control of Chelmba and Pascal. Pascal stopped twice.

Lucien Bout, who lost Alvarez in 2017, was damaged by the merchandise. Bot had four defeats to his name and was a little dull. Bot was once a great hero, but his abilities were eroded when Alvarez fought. Bout did not fight after his fight with Alvarez.

Kovalev must defeat Alvarez, but may finish his knockout line. Alvarez is an experienced boxer and will play the role of candidate against Kovalev. Alvarez is known for his elbow. Kovalev likes to put pressure on work and be an aggressor.

Kovalev and Alvarez have opposite styles, which can make it boring.

Alvarez is a defensive fighter strong enough to avoid strikes in the eighth round of Kovalev. Once you have tasted Kovalev’s strength for the first time, you will start running. Kovalev can cut, but he does not have the strength to hit Kovalev.

The name Alvarez will make a great addition to the list of Kovalev boxers. Listen to HBO at 10 pm ET on Saturday, August 4th to watch the fight directly. Kovalev will continue to win and start a showdown with WBA champion and rising star Dmitry Beafol.

Kovalev must take care of Alvarez’s business first, but he must win without a problem.